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Cloud based software solutions for Publishers of all Sizes.


Tools for Improving Workflow and Productivity

Sales Management

Publisher::CRM providing the Sales Management Tools your busy publishing company needs to increase productivity, revenue and staff happiness.

Comprising of detailed sections covering the entire sales life-cycle from initial discussion, through ordering, confirmation, production and invoicing you can be sure of never misplacing the important information again.

A powerful marketing tool, data interrogation and reporting is at the forefront of the flexible software. Automation aids in the workflow process where possible, but only ever under your full control.

Audience Management

Accuracy and knowledge. Two important aspects of your audience management system. Our intuitive system provides Big Data solutions to every publisher by ensuring that data is entered accurately, and then providing the analysis tools to leverage the data collected for maximum business advantage.

  • Controlled Circulation
  • Paid Subscriptions
  • Digital, Printed or Event Audience
  • Fully Audit Compliant
  • Integrated Email System
  • Single Customer View
  • Feeds Back into Sales System
  • Learns from CMS System

Content Management

Change the way you interface with your content.

Our content management system will revolutionise the way you manage and modify your content. We can ensure you see immediately who reads your articles, and that you are offering content and advertisements tailor-made for each specific reader. In addition we can help you to paywall any chosen content at any given time.

Publisher: CMS dovetails into the same database as your sales team and online audience, providing premium analytics on your readers, articles and advertisers.

The style of the system can be modified to compliment your corporate identity, and our easy-to-use administrative cloud-based module enables the posting of images and content remotely and at any time, and to one or all your brands and sites.

Automatic social media posting allows you to prepare content in the background to be released to the relevant accounts as and when needed.